Winter Shows Premiere Dates

The tv shows you long wait for are returning this winter! The following  dates and tv shows are some of what you can start watching very soon:


  • the 1st: Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce @10pm on Bravo
  • the 14th: The Expanse @10pm on Syfy
  • the 17th: Luther @9pm on BBC America


  • the 1st: Sherlock: The Abominable Bride @9pm on PBS
  • the 3rd: The Simpsons @ 8pm on FOX, Downton Abbey @9pm on PBS
  • the 5th: New Girl @8pm on FOX
  • the 14th: Shades of Blue @9pm on NBC
  • the 18th: The Fosters @8pm on Freeform


  • the 2nd: Fresh Off the Boat @8:30pm on ABC
  • the 11th: Grey’s Anatomy @8pm on ABC, Scandal @9pm on ABC, How to Get Away with Murder @10pm on ABC
  • the 29th: Gotham @8pm on FOX

*click the link to see more premiere dates!*


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